Three new KBAs at De Robertis paperware by the end of 2012

Against the backdrop of the sharp slowdown in investment in graphic industries, A. De Robertis & Children S.p.A. Of Putignano (Bari) has launched an important innovation program for its production facilities. A few weeks ago a KBA Rapida 145 came into production at the seven-generation seven-generation paint casting group, but by the end of this year will be three machines of KBA Strong> in large and medium format that will replace another manufacturer’s machines.
The Rapida 145 format, 105×145 cm, first presented at the pre-Drupa open house at Radebeul’s KBA facility last March (see related news) , Will be in operation at De Robertis in two variants. In addition to the first seven-pack production plant that is already in production, a model of the same six-color jumbo series will be installed in May. In the coming autumn, a seven-color medium format Rapida 106 will also be available in production with a double paint tower.
Joachim Nitschke, CEO of KBA-Italy, handed over to De Robertis, Cesare and Fabio Contegiacomo’s holders – at the launch of the first Rapida 145 – a memorial plaque to celebrate the start of a successful collaboration. The De Robertis project is a testimony to KBA’s leading role in the Italian and international cartotecnical field, where the medium and large format KBA Rapida machines are 80% of the installed in this market segment.

For De Robertis, the decisive motives of choice were certainly innovative technology and superior productivity thanks to the complete automation of startup processes and high rolling speed. This great investment, according to Joachim Nitschke, is an important signal in the industry and fueled the hope of a general improvement in investment climate in Italy.
“Shortly before our decision on the new printing technique, we had invested in some Bobst Mastercut cutlery in size 145,” explains Cesare Contegiacomo. “KBA has assured us that we can provide the same format. In practice, we have become KBA’s development partner for this format class and reach an efficient workflow across all manufacturing sectors. “
De Robertis now has a 35,000 m2 factory in Putignano with 15,000 m2 of production area. With 61 qualified employees, it has a turnover of about ten million. Consumption of material amounts to approximately 18,000 tonnes of cardboard and E-Flute. Customers include groups of renowned food companies – such as Barilla and Ferrero – of pharmaceuticals and mechanical equipment.
The new KBA fleet is highly automated and with full optional equipment. Up to 17,000 sheets per hour for both Rapida 145 and up to 18,000 sheets for Rapida 106 are print speeds far above the average. Consider also the extremely short start times and the minimal manual operation in machine operation. The CX package for cardboard printing and automated stack logistics are equipped with a fully automatic plate changer, CleanTronic Synchro washing devices and VariDry Blue energy saving ovens. With the DensiTronic Professional and the QualiTronic ColorControl, printers are supported, with the most modern technology, in quality control and supervision.

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